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Eurojackpot Lotto 5 out of 50 /
EuroMillions Lotto 5 out of 50 englisch

plus 2 out of 10 Euronumbers or 2 out of 12 Stars
ISBN 978-3-9523965-6-7
Price CHF 58.50 (in € at current exchange rate plus 7% VAT)

EuroJackpot Euro Millions Lotterty System Book

This reference book in A4 format comprises 94 pages, many of them in colours. It contains professional high-performance lottery systems: 20 abridged and 10 combined systems for the EuroMillions lotto 5 out of 50 + 2 out of 12 additional numbers and for the Eurojackpot lotto 5 out of 50 + 2 out of 10 additional numbers. All combined systems are 6-number full systems. The special thing about this system book is that the user only has to fill in the elective numbers. The abridged systems have 7 to 25 elective numbers and up to 72 picks. The combined systems have 8 elective numbers with 48 picks and 30 elective numbers up to 780 picks (for that system, one would have to fill in “only” 130 6-number full- system lottery tickets).

Most systems have the guarantees “4 out of 4”. How to use them is described in detail and explained so that it is easy to understand. It is guaranteed that a system will have multiple winning combinations each time, so that multiple wins can be expected if there are only two correct ones among the numbers drawn. Anyone familiar with lottery systems will appreciate this. Playing 6-number full systems is, unfortunately, not cheap. For each system, the additional number combinations were also calculated optimally, those can be downloaded for free.

Also included is a probability table calculated for each system, so that the odds are clearly visible. Technically interested people will find calculations, tables and diagrams so it becomes clear what the odds of winning the game are. If you play Euro lottos in order to win the jackpot, this book is very recommended.

The matrix tables for all systems are designed very user-friendly so that the lottery player only needs to photocopy them and fill in the elective and additional numbers. With this design, mistakes are virtually eliminated. Purchase this book once and use it every week – it will pay off soon. There is hardly a better high-quality system book available for playing the EuroMillions lotto and the Eurojackpot lotto. The systems are suitable throughout Europe for playing the EuroMillions lotto and the Eurojackpot lotto successfully. And, by the way: they work for any 5-number lotto.

Usually you can not expect a system to win the first time you play. However, with these special systems it is not impossible. Condition is, as always, that the elective numbers are among the numbers drawn. Wins can become reality. I wish it to everyone. This book points out why system are so powerful. In addition, all combined systems can also be used for 6- number lottos. All in all a very recommendable book. Good luck playing!

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Here you can download the optimally calculated additional numbers (= Euronumbers 2 out of 10 or Stars 2 out of 12).

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The author

The author has been working on Keno and lottery systems for more than 20 years and has acquired a lot of experience in this field. He is editor of several lotto system books, including the first-ever EuroMillions lotto system book with over 45 professional systems; it contains abridged and full systems and is also very well suited for any 5-number lottery and thus also for the Eurojackpot lottery (only in German). Published 2005 by R.G. Fischer, ISBN 978-3-8301-1480-2, available from the publisher, Amazon and in bookstores. If you already own that book, you can download the Stars 2 out of 12 as well as the Euronumbers 2 out of 10 for all systems for free. They are essential to crack the jackpot!

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